Code Tracking

It looks like AMD is throwing a muddle at us now. We have all different flavors of CPUs being sent at all
different official speeds.

It would be very useful if we knew just what AMD was shipping out at what speeds at any given point in time.

So this is what I’d like you to do:

When and if you buy a new AMD CPU, whether it be a Duron or TBird, high-speed or low speed, write down the three lines of code printed on the chip and send it to me, before you put it in the machine.

This will kill a bunch of birds with one stone:

1) It will tell me what sort of chips AMD is releasing on a week by week basis, and when they start and stop putting out particular flavors at particular speeds. For instance, if I see AXIAs at lower speeds coming in at later and later weeks,
I know AMD is continuing to use them in lower-rated chips. If I don’t see AXIAs past a certain week, then I’ll know they stopped.

2) It may give me a clue on how likely it is to find certain chips out there.

3) It will put us on notice quicker about new versions. If somebody gets a AYJA tomorrow, and you find out it does 1600Mhz, knowing that the code exists right away will let us put folks on notice on something new to look for.

4) This isn’t meant as a substitute for the CPU Database, but rather to improve it. If you write the code down right away and send it to me, when you’ve finally got your system up and running and are ready to put in an entry, you’ll have the code right there. No need to remove heatsinks to find out. If you send it to me, then lose what you wrote down, you can ask me what your code was, and I’ll be able to tell you (I hang on to emails forever).

Thanks in advance.

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