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Frontx was kind enough to send over one of their CPX Computer Port Extension kits. Not an altogether exciting product but a nice one to say the least. After doing a bit of background information I found out that these things when first introduced in Singapore and Malaysia that 10 friggin’ thousand units were sold in the first week alone. Shown below are what you get when you open the package:


The CPX does add a little bit of clutter to your system, but it has the potential to really clean up the back of your computer. The ports that are supplied when you buy a unit are Audio In, Earphone, Microphone and Game ports.

What is pretty neat is the Headphone port. What this does is plug into your Audio Out on your soundcard the creates a pass through that your speakers connect to and then gives you the Headphone port on the front of your case. This is very helpful for those of us whose speakers have no Headphone port on them.

Any way it’s a pretty neat product; here’s an image of my computer utilizing the Microphone and Game ports:


And then again from the side:


What’s to come?

Many new features. This summer they are adding Serial and USB ports to the available features list, adding Parallel and Video ports later in the year. USB will be a lifesaver – for those of us with like 20 USB devices and only 2 USB ports, the CPX will make life a lot easier by adding a USB port to the front of your computer so you don’t have to be constantly reaching around to the back of your case.

Another two ports that would be nice are Video In and Video Outs, these are ports that I seldom use or have hooked up to anything but when I do it’s a bit of a pain to go around the back of the computer and hook it up.


Well, if you’re lazy, your computer is needlessly cluttered in the back or you just want a cool looking addition to your computer, this is definitely a product to check out. And it’s unique; I haven’t seen anything like this yet. Frontx did a nice job with the CPX Computer Port Extension system.


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