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I decided to attend Computex in Taiwan next month. For those that are not familiar with it, it is THE Computer trade show (IMHO). This year, there will be 1,347 exhibitors showing wares of all kinds in 2,828 booths. Last year there were 118,000 attendees covering about 27,000 square meters of exhibit space.

Just about every name you know (from ASUS to Zalman) strut their stuff and show new products at the show. This is an opportunity to see, touch and ask questions at the right level (company presidents on down).

And here is where I’d like some feedback from our readers:

If you could ask a question to just about any manufacturer, what would you ask?

What issues, concerns or beefs would you like me to address (or try to) at Computex? Please email me and I’ll try to be as responsive as I can.

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