Conroe Prices: A Soft Landing . . .

The softening of Conroe prices that we’ve seen in the lower-end models is now happening for the higher end models.

The low price on the E6600 is now just $20 above Intel’s official price, and the price on the E6700 is about the same.

(Incidentally, it appears that prices no longer show up at Pricewatch, despite having prices often a bit lower than the low Pricewatch price, so you ought to check them, too, before buying.)

While these prices aren’t quite as low as they probably will be in a few months, I think we’re out of the period of artificially high prices due to lack of supply.

The issue now shifts to the motherboards: how much will a high FSB cost you, either for the mobo itself or for RAM (if you choose to try a 1:1 ration FSB:memory). The high costs of these may be a reason why Conroe shortages were fleeting: less demand.


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