Convicted1 Benching s775 E6400 Live Tonight

Overclockers Benching Team member convicted1 (HWBot profile) will be benching live tonight, January 3rd at about 7PM CST

Tune in to Overclockers Live! at 7:00pm CST tonight for some overclocking with liquid nitrogen (LN2). Here’s the low-down:

  • Mobo: Rampage Extreme
  • CPU: Intel E6400
  • RAM: D9GTR’s
  • GPU: Radeon HD 5870
  • Cooling: F1EE with extension
  • Focus: CPUz, SuperPi1M, SuperPi32M, PiFast, wPrime32m, wPrime1024m, UCBench
  • Click here to watch on Overclockers Live!
  • Date & Time: January 3, 2011 at 7:00pm CST
    • Benching will wind down whenever the LN2 runs out.

Hope you can stop by to root him on!

Matt Bidinger (I.M.O.G.)

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  1. Still no go on Miah's D9's...
    So I guess I'll have to use my not so great ones.
    I can't get the REX to post with his D9GTRs.
    Anybody got any ideas?
    They are Team Xtreem 1866 @ 8-8-8-24 @ 1.9V
    Mine are Crucial Ballistix 1600 @ 8-8-8-24 @ 1.8V
    The Crucial RAM is D9GTR also... and posts fine.
    But the 1866 Team Xtreems won't POST.
    did u try to post with blastics sticks...set voltage in BIOS for the team xtreem sticks (i.e 1.9v+)..f10/save...shut down put team xtreem sticks in
    I have some team extreme D9 sticks. After I clear cmos I have to swap in a different stick of memory, then boot and set vdimm up, then shutdown and swap the memory. Sometimes I can boot with one stick of the team stuff, and do the same thing.
    Well... All in all a pretty successful evening. More than doubled my personal points totals... Took some second place HW cups... Improved the Team Scores for E6400 considerably... Bumped myself to #24 on the team!
    You all be the judge though. :)
    CPU-Z: We obviously went faster... but I must have forgot the screenshot.
    UCBench 2011:
    Great work tonight - those are major points to pull down from a single session!
    2nd place in all 2D tests except CPUz and sp32m - thats awesome! (and I expect you'll be fixing those scores when you get the chance)
    (and I expect you'll be fixing those scores when you get the chance)

    Thanks... I appreciate all the guys who stopped in to help. Couldn't have pulled it off without ya'll.
    Especially Sebas... That guy is a big help.
    And yes... Those are the thorns in my side for today... And I'll be fixing those ASAP. :)
    I believe he got to 612 at one point, via vcore and NB voltage increases. (as well as everything else he kept increasing on whim) :D
    We aren't sure what happened with the CPUz captures, for some reason his higher validations didn't save, or were lost.
    That's what he was doing. Which makes it more confusing. It was 4AM however (my time at least), and he was low on LN2 when doing it... So maybe a silly mistake was made? Could have been hitting F8 or F6 by accident, not sure. haha
    LOL... Yeah... It was getting late.
    I actually noticed once I finally got inside that I also had the shakes from low blood sugar cause I forgot to eat my dinner... Being diabetic is a pain... So the chances that I was making some kind of simple mistake are actually pretty decent.
    Gonna take the evening off, figure out a new plan of attack... Then probably hit up the LN2 store for another benching session.
    Just trying to decide if I want to try to get just a bit more out of that chip, or try one of the other untested 6400's I've got. I think that chip will be a pretty tough act to follow though, so maybe it's time to forget about E6400 and move onto something else.
    If you don't know the rest are really solid chips it can be a bit of a crap shoot that another e6400 would do better to which you would waste LN2 testing for their top speeds (and thus the insulation time, etc). If you have another model of CPU I would give it a shot, but make sure to pre-test it so you know where to start versus starting from scratch with a chip.