Cool-Computers Copper Waterblock

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SUMMARY: A high-performance waterblock for socketed CPUs.

Cool-Computers was nice enough to send a bunch of waterblocks to test out – I am going to report first on the socket version pictured below:

Cool Computer

This block is of the “traditional” design – bored holes with plugs. What’s interesting about this particular block is how close the channels are to the centerline of the block and the location of the water nipples; I think what this does is concentrate the cooling where it’s needed – over the CPU.

The block is nicely finished – no rough edges or burrs. I first ran it to check for leaks – no problem (always run a waterblock outside the case first to check for leaks).


I used my T-Bird @ 1100, 1.85 v, to see how well this block cools. The system included a Pondmaster 1.5 submersible pump and a modified Senfu radiator (takes 3/8″ tubing) at an ambient temp of 22.2C/72F. Temps were measured using the Asus A7V temp probe on the side of the CPU running Prime95.


T-Bird 750 @ 1100, 1.85 v: 41C/106F

As a point of comparison, I ran the T-Bird with the BE Cooling copper block and it recorded 40C/104F – in my book, a draw.


I have no hesitation recommending* the Cool-Computers block I tested – nicely made and a competent performer. Notice that the position of the intake nipples may better allow the use of multiple leg mounting clips than some others, although I am sure the ingenuity of our readers can overcome any such trivial obstacle.

*Having said that, I am asking anyone who buys this block to email me if what you receive differs significantly from what’s pictured above. I have not received any complaints about Cool-Computer’s quality. However, I have received emails from folks who have bought other waterblocks we have reviewed and have been sorely disappointed in workmanship.

I can understand when someone sends us something to test, they send a very nice sample. However, if the sample is NOT the same quality as what YOU receive, tell me. I will post your experience as an update – with pictures, if possible.

Reluctantly, I must warn against BE Cooling’s waterblocks at this time; I have received complaints and seen pictures of the finish quality of what was received and, even though performance is not impacted negatively, they look shoddy.

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