Cooler Master and Corsair to Release New PSUs

It seems gold is the durable good everyone is trying to get their hands on, at least when it comes to 80 Plus Gold certification! We recently received an announcement from Cooler Master outlining their new Silent Pro Gold series of power supplies.

Silent Pro Gold 800 - Image Courtesy Cooler Master
Silent Pro Gold 800 - Image Courtesy Cooler Master

Coming in iterations from 600W all the way to 1,200W, they sport some new Cooler Master technologies.  Per their press release,

The Silent Pro Gold series features an entirely new design with several innovative and patented technologies. Cooler Master has created HTT™ (Heat Transfer Technology) a unique “L-shaped” heat-sink designed to vastly improve the airflow inside the power supply, resulting in lower operating temperatures. Another unique feature to the Silent Pro Gold series is the Hybrid Transformer™ which mounts the transformer directly to the heatsink. This makes for a more compact transformer and improves the power efficiency at the same time. Yet another feature that helps improve the power efficiency is Hyper Path™ which is a “hyper link” between the transformer and the various power conversion components. The “hyper link” results in almost a loss-less transfer of energy which has never been done before.

"L-Shaped" Heatsink - Image Courtesy Cooler Master
"L-Shaped" Heatsink - Image Courtesy Cooler Master

All of the units in the series are modular and are 80 Plus Gold rated, meaning they rate at 90% efficiency under the required load conditions.  They also come with a five year warranty. The release didn’t address whether the units would be multi-rail or single rail. No word yet on pricing or availability, but they sure look enticing on paper.

For more details, you can check out the entire press release here (warning, it’s almost 1.8MB).

According to techPowerUp!, Corsair also announced a set of Professional Series Gold power supplies with 80 PLUS GOLD ratings.

Corsair, a worldwide designer and supplier of high-performance components to the PC gaming hardware market, today announced the new Professional Series Gold AX1200, AX850 and AX750 fully-modular power supply units, with 80 PLUS GOLD certification.

The Professional Series Gold range of power supplies have been designed from the ground-up by Corsair’s engineers to be the highest-performing and most technologically-advanced PSUs on the market. Built utilizing server-grade power train architectures designed for mission-critical levels of voltage stability and reliability, Professional Series Gold power supplies deliver previously unheard-of levels of performance.

Continue reading techPowerUp!’s release here. Corsair PSUs tend to be quite highly regarded by our members, so we look forward to seeing these.

So three cheers for efficiency. A quality power supply is the very important heart of any overclocker’s system and it never hurts to beat with the sound of saving a few bucks on your power bill. We’ll be looking forward to seeing these on the market!

Jeremy Vaughan (hokiealumnus)

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It's probably just me, but why do they make the ATX or motherboard connector modular?

I suppose I could see it if you offered various lengths or different end connectors for other type of systems, but most of what I have seen just do it because they can.

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Agreed, there's no reason for the 24-pin & 8-pin CPU harnesses to be modular. Everything else has a decent reason. You could argue one MOLEX or SATA cable could be hard-wired, but some might just need one or the other...and if it's not the one that's hard-wired, there's an extra cable you have to hide. But you're right about the other two.

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Count me as another that believes the 24 pin and CPU power plugs being modular is a waste. I guess being able to market a fully modular PSU must have some advantages though or they wouldn't bother with it.

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The new Corsair AX1200 was just tested at (Link). Looks very good :thup:.

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