CoolerMaster CM Storm Gaming Case

The CoolerMaster Storm Gaming Case merits some serious consideration if you’re building an ultimate system.

The good guys at CoolerMaster were nice enough to send a sample of the CoolerMaster CM Storm Gaming Case – The Sniper.



Key Features:

  • Three Fans – front 200 mm, top 200mm, rear 120mm
  • Mounts for bottom 120-140mm fan
  • Side supports for one 200mm or 2 120mm fans
  • Top control center for fan speed, lights, mic, earphone, two activity LEDs, 4 USB, one 1394a, eSATA, Power and Reset buttons
  • Five 5.25″ Drive Bays
  • Five 3.5″ HD Bays
  • 7 Standard expansion slots, one special
  • Size 22.3″ x 10″ x 21.7″
  • Weight 23.4 pounds
  • Micro ATX and ATX form factors
  • Steel and plastic construction

The attention to cooling is evident – the case came with three large fans – 2 200 mm fans and one 120 mm for rear exhaust. If you want optimum cooling, there are spaces for bottom and side fans as well.


Interior Views

Opening the case show the interior as shipped:


The back shows the expansion slots, two ports for watercooling and the bottom mounted power supply slot:



The top front features a control panel for various ports and controls:



The bottom as shipped shows the connection wires and a box of parts for motherboard and fan mounting:



A lto the back shows the 200 mm top exhaust and rear 120 mm fan, expansion slots and power supply slot (note there is a sheet indicating motherboard hole placement):



A full view to the front shows the 5.25″ and HD slots:



The front external view shows the removable 5.25″ screens and the front 200 mm fan:



Looking up at the top 200 mm fan – you could mount a radiator instead for a watercooled case:



This shows the front 200 mm fan which throws cooling air over the hard drives – an important feature for hot 10,000 rpm drives:



Opening the back side panel shows how cooling air will wash over the hard drives:



The power supply mounts on the bottom – also note there is room for a bottom mounted 120 mm fan with a slip-on mount:



The hard drive mounting system is screwless – the drive cages easily slip out…



…and the hard drive mounts to the sleeve without any screws:



The 5.25″ slots are also screwless – by pushing these buttons…



…pins pop out to lock the drive in place:



The expansion slots are also screwless – pushing on the slot mechanism as indicated opens it to engage expansion cards:



Finally, the wires that come with the case for the top Control Panel functions:




The build quality is quite good – this case has a nice substantial feel to it. I found all components to work and fit well. It is roomy and I think a very good case for a watercooled system, mounting the radiator at the top of the case. The attention to cooling airflow is notable and by adding additional fans, this case should be tops for moving air in and out.

Overall, if you’re into pushing your PC to the max, this is a case that should merit serious consideration. It’s flexibility will allow about as much case-tinkering as you could wish. CoolerMaster has done a very nice job with this one.

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