Corsair Announces PC DOMINATION System Building and Tuning Competition

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Corsair is sponsoring a Spring 2014 PC Domination contest, which includes benchmarking and system building for a chance to win some nice prizes. The contest started April 1st and runs until May 5th. Get those creative juices flowing and those benchmarking rigs warmed up!

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Who and What and WHY:

Corsair is sponsoring PC DOMINATION, SPRING 2014, a system building and tuning competition for PC enthusiasts. PC Domination isn’t a single contest, but more than ten separate challenges for system builders and tuners. It doesn’t matter if you have a high-end or mid-range system. There’s a contest for everyone to participate in!

Participants will be competing to win a variety of Corsair’s top products including cases, coolers, gaming keyboards, memory, and more. The first 500 complete entries will get a FREE Corsair PC Domination T-shirt.

When and Where:

The PC DOMINATION event runs from April 1 to May 5, 2014 (11:59PM PDT).

To find out more and/or register visit:

-Dino DeCesari (Lvcoyote)

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Must use three items of corsair branded goods in a pc, no benching in the open rigs!!!! Marketing at its best :mad: not something I will be taking part with just for the reason its a marketing only and the competition is restricted to there own goods, shame on you corsair.

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I would use that opportunity to do something like that when building my computer... but I guess I am going to miss that. Regardless the marketing skeem (I already bought corsair products for my build), it would be something free and that "might as well".

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Anyone else still waiting for their prizes won from Corsair in the PC DOMINATION SYSTEM BUILDING AND TUNING COMPETITION? I get that its free stuff but I worked hard to win & was excited and Corsair james has done nothing but blow smoke since the winners were announced. He is still dragging it on 15 months later! For this reason I have removed all Corsair but my keyboard from my system (looking for a mechanical replacement). I cant support liars. Thanks Corsair!!!

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