Corsair Labs 2009: Home Theater PC Build Log

In December of 2007, Corsair Labs took a look at building a high definition Home Theater PC, or HTPC. Since that time, several exciting new technologies and innovations have become available that give us cause to revisit the the topic.

Today, users have more power and more options than ever before available in small form factor (SFF) systems. So, we are going to take a look at what is possible with an HTPC build using two very different systems.


Many users want more from a new piece of equipment than a simple digital video recorder (DVR) and cable box combination can provide. The HTPC is a tool for expanding your complete media experience.

In addition to Blu-ray playback, a HTPC can be utilized for a multitude of uses. With the proper supporting equipment, you can stream video to your HDTV from the internet or your media server. You can record HD content from unencrypted cable channels from two channels simultaneously or view over the air (OTA) broadcast television, and there is nothing more fun than using your wireless keyboard to amaze your friends who are still wondering how you got Windows 7 to run on your 51″ television. Read on and we’ll show you 2 great ways to get all this and more.

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