Corsair Launches Three All New 4000 Series Mid-tower Cases

Corsair is launching three new mid-tower cases designated the 4000 series. Each new case will feature never before seen innovations like the RapidRoute cable management system. Starting with the 4000D ($79.99) and its minimalist design, the 4000D Airflow ($79.99) with a full mesh front panel, and the 4000X RGB ($119.99) featuring a tempered glass front panel, Corsair offers a couple of new options to choose from. Here is the official product launch from Corsair.


A Clean Start to a Great Build: CORSAIR Launches 4000 Series of Mid-Tower Cases

FREMONT, CA, September 15th, 2020 – CORSAIR®, a world leader in high-performance gaming peripherals and enthusiast components, today launched the new 4000 Series of enthusiast PC cases, introducing three new models to its award-winning lineup – the 4000D, 4000D AIRFLOW, and iCUE 4000X RGB. The 4000 Series sees a new naming convention for CORSAIR cases, with a Series number defining form-factor and core features, and an identifier to signify each model’s unique characteristics, making it easier than ever for customers to choose a case that matches their build’s priorities.

Whether PC builders choose the minimalist styling of the 4000D, the enhanced airflow of the 4000D AIRFLOW, or the added tempered glass and RGB lighting of the 4000X RGB, they’ll discover a PC case loaded with innovative features. The new RapidRoute cable management system makes it easy and fast to hide your cables out of sight for a clean build, while new fans equipped with CORSAIR AirGuide technology deliver focused airflow for enhanced cooling.

Debuting in the new 4000 Series, the CORSAIR RapidRoute cable management system is a new design that lets you route major cables through a wide concealed cutout to connect them to your motherboard without struggling to fit the connectors through narrow openings. The 4000 Series also has a roomy 25mm of space behind the motherboard to keep your cables out of sight, a front-to-back PSU shroud, a wealth of cable tie-downs and a dedicated top-to-bottom cable routing channel. All these design elements combined make building a PC in a 4000 Series case simple and easy, and get you closer to the immaculate, clean look of a professionally built system.

Included with 4000 Series cases are fans with new AirGuide technology, adding anti-vortex vanes that concentrate airflow in a conical shape, targeting areas in the case where your hottest components sit and improving cooling. The 4000D and 4000D AIRFLOW include two 120mm AirGuide fans, while the 4000X RGB includes three 120mm SP RGB ELITE AirGuide fans with eight individually addressable RGB LEDs per fan, along with an iCUE Lighting Node CORE controller.

With all three cases offering the same great interior and build experience, the front panel is where PC builders will find the key differences to help them match their build’s needs. The 4000D features a minimalist solid steel front panel for superb durability and sharp looks, with dedicated ventilation channels on either side. The 4000D AIRFLOW’s front panel goes even further with striking triangular cutouts in the steel panel that allow for optimal air intake. The 4000X RGB combines style with substance, offering a tempered glass front panel with dedicated ventilation channels to show off the lighting from its three SP RGB ELITE fans.

All 4000 Series cases offer ample room for cooling, fitting up to 6x 120mm fans or 4x 140mm fans. Their spacious interior can accommodate up to a 360mm radiator in front or a 280mm in the roof (dependent on RAM height). 4000 Series cases have 2x 2.5in SSD mounts and 2x 3.5in HDD trays for your storage needs, a modern front panel I/O including a USB 3.1 Type-C port, and a tool-free tempered glass side panel to offer a fantastic view of your system and its lighting.

With innovative new technology and design making it easier than ever before to build a gorgeous high-performance PC, the 4000D, 4000D AIRFLOW, and 4000X RGB offer a clean start to your next great build.

Availability, Warranty and Pricing

The CORSAIR 4000D, 4000D AIRFLOW, and iCUE 4000X RGB are available immediately from the CORSAIR webstore and the CORSAIR worldwide network of authorized retailers and distributors.

The 4000D, 4000D AIRFLOW, and iCUE 4000X RGB are backed by a two-year warranty, alongside the CORSAIR worldwide customer service and technical support network.

For up-to-date pricing of the 4000D, 4000D AIRFLOW, and iCUE 4000X RGB, please refer to the CORSAIR website or contact your local CORSAIR sales representative.

Web Pages

To learn more about the CORSAIR 4000 Series, please visit:



iCUE 4000X RGB:


For a complete list of all CORSAIR cases, please visit:

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Some good ideas involved here. I particularly like the 1" (25mm) of space behind the MB tray. Extra volume behind the tray has been something I've looked for in every case I've bought for the last 20 years. Thanks for the heads up.

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Looks pretty but I worry the 360mm max GPU size would have problems with a radiator and fans in the front and a large card. Newegg has it listed at $79 which is really impressive for such a nice case though.

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