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Here’s a neat little trick to customize your PC – Pudgy Duck

If you right click on “My Computer” you get the “System Properties” dialog box. I have found out how to enter the manufacturer’s information into System Properties for those of us who build our own ‘Puters, or who just want to personalize them.

Credit goes to KoolMonkey at forums.

Here is a screen shot of my System Properties after I Fudged it. Or is it Pudged it?

Sys Prop

Click on “Support Information” above, and get this:

Tech Support

You can use any .BMP file up to Width 180 pixels by height 114 pixels
for the logo. It needs to be named OEMLOGO.BMP
The rest of the info is in a file named OEMINFO.INI;
you can download my OEMINFO.INI (use a TEMP Folder) so you can use it as an example:


You can put your entire system setup in “Support Information”,
just keep adding Line5=”Whatever” Line6=”whatever” etc.
I don’t know what character the square in front of and after Line5=”” is,
just use copy & paste to create new ones, then change the line number
& text.

It’s not hard to figure out, and you can edit it with NotePad.
These two files need to be in the

C:WindowsSystem          folder for 95/98/ME
C:WindowsSystem32     folder for XP
C:WinntSystem32           folder for 2000

Have fun!

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