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New Westmere Details Emerge: Power Efficiency and 4/6 Core Plans @

Intel released new information, today,  regarding their new Westmere 32nm CPU. Intel  explains the new additions that Westmere will be gaining from its Sister chip Nehalem, along with what buyers are to expect from Westmere.

One of the big changes that Westmere will be getting, is a SRAM dedicated to the power gates on the CPU. In Nehalem, Intel showed that placing power gates to the supply voltage of a CPU, it would allow the CPU to stop leakage. The problem was that the core needed to save its data before shutting off. The data was saved to the L3 cache, but this was not the most ideal way to save the data. It prohibited the CPU from turning off the L3 cache when it was not used. With Westmere, the power gates will have a dedicated SRAM so that they can save their data outside of the L3 cache. This will allow the CPU to save more power.

Westmere will be available in many variations when it first comes out. Buyers can expect to see 2 core all the way up to 6 core CPUs. Although there will be 6 core Westmere’s available, the highest end CPUs are expected to be made for Server platforms rather than Desktops.

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