DDR Memory With Abit KG7

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Got the hots for the KG7 because it has four DDR memory slots (as opposed to everybody’s else’s two)?

I hope you didn’t buy three or four sticks of memory for it yet; there’s a reason why all the other boards have only two.

The AMD761 chipset supports either up to two unbuffered DIMMs or up to four registered DIMMs. I didn’t say it, AMD did.

From AMD-761 System Controller Data Sheet.


So it’s either regular DIMMs or registered ones. Not both. No mix-and-match.

The Abit site says exactly the same thing.

I Haven’t Bought My Memory Yet, Where Can I Get Registered DIMMs? Do They Cost A Lot More?

You can buy this from Crucial. This is CT3272Y265. Not 64Z, not 72Z. 72Y.

Yes, it costs more, but not much more. About $10 more per 256Mb DIMM.

I Bought Corsair PC2400. Will it work?

Up to two sticks, yes. Three or four sticks, no. Corsair PC2400 is not registered RAM.

The Rule

If you never, ever, ever are going to have more than two memory sticks in an Abit KG7, unbuffered memory is OK. If you ever do, you need registered memory, and all of it has to be registered memory.

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