DDR Survey

Just about all of you think your DDR systems are wonderful, fast and stable, and you had no or practically no problems with them.

Most of you had AMD760 boards. Some had the MSI Via board, a few had Ali boards. The Ali boards got a much greater proportion of complaints than the other boards. The other boards passed your inspection with flying colors. Most of you had Crucial, and most of you liked it.

Not that I’m doubting or denying any of your experiences, but early adopters have a couple traits:

1) They’re more forgiving of flaws than the average user and
2) They tend to be more competent than the average user.

I’ve seen this time and again, from motherboards to CPUs. The first who get their hands on these things tend to do very well. As others join in, problems start. Some of it is no doubt due to the users, some is due to different equipment
configurations and a much wider range of circumstances.

One person reported an interesting tidbit about the A7M266, he found that with one stick, he could do over 150Mhz FSB, but with two, he could only do 137Mhz.

I would call what I saw a good initial sign, but what I’m going to need to start doing with these DDR boards is start spending time in our own and other forums and see what people’s experiences are, and what problems crop up.

Scott Witte

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