More Details on AMD Bulldozer – Hot Chips Presentation

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Well, it seems AMD has released the presentation ahead of the presentation. Let’s get straight to it, shall we? Here is the slide show AMD is presenting (courtesy AMD).

It seems AMD is quite proud of this design. From the press release, here’s what one of their executives has to say, “In my opinion, Bulldozer and Bobcat are not only two of the greatest technical achievements in AMD’s rich history, but two of the most important for the industry as well,” said Chekib Akrout, senior vice president and general manager, AMD Technology Development. “With CPUs and APUs built from these core implementations, we expect our customers to deliver a new wave of innovative PC form factors and high-performance computing experiences.”

As you can see in the slide show, right off the bat they seem to take a stab at Intel, showing the differences between “Bulldozer” multi-core modules and a single core with hyper-threading. Like we alluded to this morning, they confirm that “Bobcat” is designed for “flexible, low power & small” applications, while “Bulldozer” is geared toward “performance & scalability”. While “Bobcat” certainly looks like it could be a very strong competitor for Intel’s Atom processors, I have a hunch our readers are more keen to see what “Bulldozer” can do.

Well, that’s all we’ve got for now; just a taste of what we can expect from AMD in 2011.

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