DiskDigger Freeware File Recovery Program

Simple, easy to use file recovery program.

DiskDigger is a small, very easy to use app that can find files that may have been deleted recently or accidentally and you want to recover them. It does not install any files on your PC so it does not leave anything on your hard drive – just run it once you unzip from the exe file. It can be used for external media so if you deleted images from your camera and want them back, this is for you.


After unzipping the file and running it, you see this:


Select which drive to scan and the next screen gives you two options – “dig deeper” will take more time – perhaps a LOT more time:



I used it on my wife’s PC and found this:



You can narrow it down by selecting Search criteria:



You can select an individual file and see what it is using Preview:



Finally, the information you might find for a file is quite comprehensive (composite shot):



Overall DiskDigger is simple, does not take a lot of space and does a nice job of recovering deleted files – it’s updated frequently so support is current.

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