Do NOT Buy An Athlon 3200+ Today . . .

Down Goes The Price . . .

The Athlon 64 3400+ will have an official price of $417.

This will push the price of the 3200+ to $278. Here’s official AMD word on that.

It would be extremely silly to pay more than $278 for that CPU now, so wait until the resellers adjust their prices (which they haven’t done quite yet according to Pricewatch). Could be as early as later today, but it should happen very shortly.

This did not also trigger a price reduction on the 3000+. Its official price remains at $218.

Since these prices are exactly the same as what will be Intel’s prices after its price cuts in mid-February, so it is unlikely AMD will have an additional price cut then. Basically, AMD is doing its Feburary price cut now.

Given the structure of AMD’s pricing (i.e., pegging their prices to Intel’s based on PR rating), it is very likely that when socket 939 comes out at the end of March, we’ll see a 2GHz Newcastle called a 3200+, and it will be priced at $278.


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