Doing The Right Thing . . .

Here’s a copy of a note from Gateway someone sent me. If this is going to all who ordered, they’re now doing the right thing.

Dear Valued Customer,

We recently cancelled your order in error and a sent a system-generated
email, indicating that a Visiontek product had been discontinued. The
product you ordered with us is available from the manufacturer.

We would appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to
total customer satisfaction, and reinstate your order at the originally
agreed upon purchase price. Your product will be reinstated to
backorder status and will be fulfilled when inventory becomes available.

To complete the reinstatement process, it is necessary that you reply to this email, providing us with your permission to reinstate your
backorder. We will keep you informed of order status updates via email.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your
continued support.

If you get this note for a product other than the Visiontek, could you drop me a note. If you don’t get one by Monday, could you drop me a note then?


Email Ed

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