Doom 3 And Hardware Upgrades . . .

Sometime After March . . .

I was looking at this week’s Best Buy Circular, and I noticed that they will let you reserve a copy of Doom III.

“Ah, ha!” I said. “It’s fine-print reading time!”

Why was it “fine-print reading time?” Because there was a sweepstakes for those reserving a copy. I figured that if I knew when the date for entering ended, that would be a good indicator as to when Doom 3 sales would be starting.

The sweepstakes ends March 6, so it’s probably safe to say that Doom 3 will get introduced some time not too long after that.

A lot of other things are going to be going on in the hardware world around that time, too:

  • AMD is expected to introduce socket 939, and maybe socket 939 Newcastles at the end of March. At least some of these boards will use PCIExpress video cards.
  • At the same time, Intel is expected to introduce socket T mobos. Some of them will have PCIExpress slots and DDR-II.
  • Since both companies will be going to PCIExpress for video cards, it is only reasonable to expect video card makers to introduce their products at this time also.

    Since it looks like Doom 3 can use (and may need) all the firepower you can give it, if you’ve told yourself that your next upgrade is going to be meant to run Doom III, you really ought to give serious consideration (especially if you upgrade rarely) to getting one of these new platforms.

    Granted, you may get hit with sticker shock initially, but prices ought to become at least less unreasonable fairly quickly.

    Those of you who think the only upgrade you’ll make is a hot video card might want to consider that that hot video card may have nowhere to go in the computer you buy in 2005.

    A few other places offering pre-buys are suggested somewhat later release dates. One suggests May, the other July, but both say they’re essentially guessing.

    Whenever it does come out, the wisest strategy to follow is to wait for the game to come out first, then look for the hardware. It will not be wise to buy beforehand, simply because of the major changes coming to both AMD and Intel platform within the next three months.


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