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A few places have pointed out that the Opteron 165 (which is essentially a 1.8Ghz/1Mb cache x2) is selling for a bit less than $300.

That’s nice, but for those of you who find x2 one too many at the moment, prices have dropped on another 1.8GHz.

About two weeks ago, we pointed out that the Athlon 64 3000+ might be getting rather cheaper, even though it was “officially” being dropped from the AMD roster.

We said that because one roadmap showed the product alive and well through 2006, at an “official” price of $111.

Two weeks have gone by, and the low Pricewatch price has gone from $146 to $125. Granted, not a lot of vendors are currently selling them, but then again, there really aren’t a lot more selling Rev. E 3200+s, either (a lot of what shows up in a Pricewatch search includes earlier generation products).

Is this a phase-out, or continued selling? The best way to figure that out is to see what the big OEMs are selling. If HP is selling 3000+ machines just before Christmas, well, they’re not going to stop now.

Actually, they’re not. The base model for their HP/Compaq Athlon 64 machines is the 3200+. The same is true eMachine desktops.

It’s always possible there’s still a lot of demand from the white box folks, but the absence of the 3000+ from the big boys seems to indicate that phaseout is more likely than going underground.



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