Dumping . . .

I know many of you are tired of me putting out, well, negative waves, about a certain company. Believe me, I’m tired of pointing it out, but given the new set of lemons in inventory, the Lemonade Patrol is going into Overdrive (and I don’t mean the utility).

This is what I mean:

“AMD wants to first launch Phenom 9500 and 9600 to retail, channel market how AMD calls it. It wants to be there as quickly as possible for the early adopters and AMD knows that enthusiasts will be the first to adopt Phenom CPUs. . . . OEM systems will follow with its Spider platform based PCs but AMD wants to launch hundreds of thousands of Phenom chips to try to satisfy the demand in pre Xmas sales.”

Translation into English: We’re not going to make many of these (need to put our efforts into getting B3s ready), so we can’t supply OEMs (besides, they don’t want to give us squat for them), so we’ll dump them on the fanboys.

To his credit, the author of the piece expressed a quite similiar sentiment:

. . . AMD needs the support of its fan boys, now more than ever.

They’re going to have to be really big fanboys, because even AMD execs think quadcores are ridiculous for most people. Really:

“A senior executive at AMD was honest enough and told Fudzilla that they believe that Quad cores will be overkill for most mainstream applications from now to eternity.

“He agrees that you can utilize two cores and put them to good use, but it gets tough with three four or even eight cores. . . . [If] your your machine mainly runs Excel and Word, followed by Media Player and browser, you won’t really need four cores.”

I must admit, it’s not too often you’ll find executives saying, “The bulk of our marketing next year is going to be BS.”

He must be one of the execs ticked off that K10 dual cores look to be the last thing AMD plans to release.

Granted, this is just as true for Intel CPUs, but at least Intel will give you a 2 or 4 choice right away.

In all honesty, whether it’s Intel or AMD, unless you know you need four cores, it might be a good idea to take AMD’s advice and buy a dually instead, especially if saving $100 matters.


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