Duron Duds

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I just finished building 5 Duron boxes. This was my first experience with
Durons. As they were to be value boxes, I used the 750 part after hearing
so much about the overclocking capability of the Duron.

Each of these systems was almost identical, based on the A7 Pro, 128
Mb PC133 from Micron, Voodoo 5, etc. I picked up the Taisol for a
bargain – and thought it would be adequate.

Much to my surprise, not one of these systems would make it to 800. The best I got was 795. Beyond that,
not even a post.

I’ve been building systems for years, so I’m fairly
competent at tracking down problems. I could find none. Replacing the
Durons with a 1.2GHz Tbird got me up to 1480 with zero problems.

This leads me to believe AMD is dropping the ball on the bottom end now. I put in a
call to a friend in Washington who also builds systems. He said he had a batch of
800’s that would do no better than 840 or so. I believe these were all week

Should be interesting to see if this was isolated or a new trend.

Ed. note: OK, the claim is week 12 Durons can’t overclock. If you have a recent Duron, have you found that to be the case, too, or not? Send me a note either way.

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