Duron/A7V Results

Do it the same way Mike does…

  • Asus A7V without Sound but “extra” Dip-Switches
  • Duron 650 L1 unlocked
  • Golden Orb
  • Voltage to 1.285/1.85 (Bios shows 1.91)
  • “extra” Dips (from1-6 (1=on, 0=off) at 1-1-0-0-1-1 ~900 Mhz
  • (Btw: There is a legend printed on the Board itself…(near CMos batterie))
  • Temperature: 60 °C

Results at 900Mhz:

3D-Mark 2000: (with Update) using the settings above, Elsa Erazor X² GeForce
and 128 MB 133 Mhz Ram:

Overall – 4767 3D Marks; CPU 3D Mark at 412.

Sisoft Sandra 2000:


CPU: 2498 Mips; FPU: 1243 MFlops


Integer MMX: 3039 it/s
FPU 3D-Now Enh.: 4171 it/s

Rocks Solid for the last 12 Hours using 3Mark 2000 in Loop…

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