Dynatron DC1207BM-X

Very good performance; a skived copper heatsink for P4 cooling – Joe

SUMMARY: Very good performance at reasonable noise levels.


Size: 88.5×73.5×44.5 mm; Weight: 500 grams.

The good guys at Dynatron were nice enough to send over a sample of their P4 Heatsink DC1207BM-X. (Note: This model is identical to Model # DC1207BM-X/X, which is for INTEL ® Xeon Socket 603/604 use). This is a copper skived unit that weighs in at 500 grams. Skived heatsink are literally carved from one piece of material – in this case, a piece of copper. There are no joints between the fins and the base, and as such there is no efficiency loss.

The fan is an Top Motor Model #DF1207BH-3, a 70 x 15mm unit rated at 34.4 cfm @ 4300 rpm, 36 dBA¹. I found it to be tolerably quiet – I measured its noise at 61 dBA with a Radio Shack sound meter 8″ from the fan’s intake, substantially less than a Delta 38 (about 69 dBA). It’s also safe to use on most motherboard fan headers (4.7 watts).

The base is fairly well finished:


There are visible polishing marks that can be slightly heard when dragging your fingernail over it.

The mounting bracket is a good one:


Mounting requires removal of the motherboard; the back plate is held in place with four screws. Once in place, the system is very secure and clipping the heatsink in place is very easy.


I tested the Dynatron DC1207BM-X on an Acorp 4S845A motherboard with a modified P4 1500 to read CPU case temps. I also tested it on a simulated P4 die which is still undergoing testing. For now, we’ll continue ranking based on motherboard results. The fan averaged 4460 rpm in these tests.

TEST RESULTS – Motherboard

CPU Case Temp

Ambient Temp



MBM Temp

Acorp 4S845A

31.3 C

19.7 C



28 C¹

TEST RESULTS – P4 Simulated Die

Die Temp

Ambient Temp



Dynatron DC1207BM-X, 74.8w

36.9 C

19.7 C



Delta = CPU temp – Ambient Temp
C/W = Delta / CPU Watts