Easy HydroCool 200ex Mods

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Like it says – Jeff Diehl

I have been a big Overclockers.com fan for some time and never submitted anything, so I just wanted to share a couple of easy HydroCool mods with you guys that will improve temps 2-3ºC. Without Overclockers, I would never have gotten into the awesome fun of Overclocking in the first place, so my hat’s are off to all of you.

My current rig:

  • P4 3.0C @ 3.5 GHz
  • Abit IC7-G Max II
  • 1 gig Corsair PC4000 Pro DDR500 @ DDR467
  • Audigy 2 6.1
  • 80 gig Maxtor
  • 128 MB ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 256 bit

Notice the metal mesh filter replacing the crappy, and I do mean CRAPPY, foam filters the stock HydroCool 200ex:


This also replaced the fan guard and is easy to mount. The original foam filters are basically glued on and pretty much fall off the first time you take apart the HC, and IMO, reduce airflow tremendously. Why the heck is there a foam filter on the EXIT side???
Ditch it immediately.

Note the installation of the external fan:


This is the true power of the mod; it creates a push-pull through the radiator, decreasing temps (leave the current internal fan in place). I used the long screws and nuts from the Thermaltake ThunderBlade fan I used to mount it, as it seemed like the least hassle.

The fan is connected to a portable power supply I bought at Xioxide.com that powers one device and plugs right into the wall (very nice for testing). Notice the waterblock temp – this is while running Prime95 – add a few degrees for actual CPU temp.

I included this pic so that everyone can see how clean a setup you can achieve by installing the HydroCool PCI card under your Video Card:


I now have a straight shot into and out of the case (In-HD-CPU-NB-VC-Out). I have seen both of these mods in Corsair’s forums, but I wanted to share them with the Overclockers.com followers.

This Mod does NOT void your warranty (very nice).

I want to take a moment to thank the Overclockers.com group and especially Brian Berryman for all his help. My first stop when I go on the net is this site to check out any new articles submitted – I always find them quite informative and a great source for new ideas.

Jeff Diehl


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