EK Launches Full Cover Waterblock for Maximus VI Extreme

Well-known manufacturer of water cooling parts EK Water Blocks has announced a full-cover water block for the Asus Maximus VI Extreme high-end Z87 motherboard. The new part is made of a copper base and Acetal top.

EK New Waterblock for Asus Maximus VI Extreme - Image courtesy TechPowerUp
EK New Waterblock for Asus Maximus VI Extreme – Image courtesy TechPowerUp

The new EK-FB ASUS M6E series is a water block designed especially for Asus top-end Maximus VI Extreme motherboard for 4th generation Core processors on socket 1150. It is designed to contact all hot spots on the motherboard, including the Z87 Express chip, the PLX PEX 8474 PCIe lane splitter as well as the whole power regulation section to ensure lower temperatures all over. EK used a high-flow design to allow for use with less powerful pumps or to add little restriction to multi-block loops. The EK-FB ASUS M6E is made of a nickel-plated copper base and precision-machined Acetal top, and comes in a variety of visual flavors. The company specifies the base and top and joined using quality rubber. Retail packaging includes all mounting hardware and thermal pads.

The block is available from EK website for $US 171.02 plus shipping.

Source: TechPowerUp


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ANd how does the flow reach the Z87 & Plex?
I see a clear flow path over the VRMs, but it would need to be a darn smart and complex channeling and thus restrictive solution to get water to the Z87 first before going over the VRMs.
Path of least resistance and all that...

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Yea, it'll be a bit restrictive. You can see underneath how it gets down to the PCH and back.

...and then at the exit fitting how it's channeled around to go down to the PCH, then back out once it comes back up the channel.

Pictures from the EK product page.

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