Enabling AGP Sidebanding

A confusing mystery is given a solution!

Many have posted and e-mailed me personally to report that they could not ENABLE sidebanding. To be honest I was too busy trying to DISABLE it to give much thought to what these good folk were trying to tell me – nor the implications of what they were saying. I should have asked them what they were running, how their hardware was set up, what made them think it wasn’t enabled?

Some, I admit it, (more than a few), tried to tell me. But I did not hear them, too busy trying to hit 750MHz! I would quickly post or dash off an un-insightful e-mail explaining again and again that sidebanding was enabled by default. I wasn’t altogether wrong in this, just unresponsive to the people talking to me. I had an answer that I was happy with: why waste time rehashing the known, when disabling sidebanding was so much more urgent a question? Because hardware and software CHANGES! Because the truism of yesterday is the concealed misinformation of today.

Believe me, I now fully appreciate the frustration many of you must have had listening to me explain what I had read (and indeed experienced) that sidebanding WAS ENABLED by default. My fault, my fault, my most grievous fault! You were telling me what I was trying to find out. Our separate quests had merged, we were bumping into one another again and again, but I just didn’t get it, until today.

I had posted, a few days ago, asking where could I find the newest Nvida drivers. . Several of you not only responded but went looking to find for me what I wanted. I downloaded and between hardware disasters installed the 3.72 reference drivers. Then, while reinstalling Powerstrip, I took a peek into Diagnostics, and lo and behold! – SIDEBANDING WAS DISABLED!

“What?!” I said to myself. I quickly re-set up my modem and trotted off to the website from where I had downloaded the new drivers, looking for something, anything to explain what had changed. This is what I found at 3D Chipset:

“Nvidia & Athlon AGP Problems – 1:02:30 PM

Riva3D has put up an article talking about the re-occurring problem with Nvidia’s drivers and the Athlon AGP problem. Here is more on the matter:

While testing the ASUS V6800 Deluxe for an upcoming review, I came across a very interesting fact about virtually every NVIDIA driver release since the 3.53 drivers. Even though many Athlon systems have no problems running in 2x AGP mode, every driver release since 3.53 automatically sets the AGP mode to 1x upon detection of an Athlon system. This is a larger problem than just a reference one. It appears as if ALL manufacturer release drivers have the same problem.”

He who can not listen, can never learn.
I wish to thank Don Rogers, Alex, and Bisser Stover, all of whom went out of their way to help me on my way, and who listened. Thank you.

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