Enermaxes Pooping Out?

{Until I get permission to use the author’s name, I’ll keep this anonymous. Send reports to me, and I’ll forward them.}

I work for a fairly big computer store in Germany. Since we sell mainly
AMD systems, we ran into the PSU problem. Many systems were returned due to insufficient wattage or
broken PSUs.

I recommended the Enermax EG351P-VE to my boss since I was
very happy with mine. At first, it cured all our problems and our
boss accepted the slightly higher price.

But a few weeks ago, the problems started. More and more of these little
darlings refused to work, or broke down during our 24h burnin. (We
sell a sizable number a day.)

Right now, we have a 65% return rate, which is incredible for a product that was once so

We think the problem is a single poti that simply burns. We even had
a whole box completely hosed because a small fire started.
If they work for a week or so they are okay and probably one of the best and
most silent PSUs.

But I am starting to lose faith, especially when Enermax support simply is in denial
despite the fact that we are sending back over half of their PSUs.

I know that many of your readers use this PSU as it gets great
reviews everywhere, and if they work they work great.

I just wondered if you could ask your readers whether they experience similiar
problems or if its just bad vibes in our shop…

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