EVGA Severs Ties with Nvidia, Will Not Produce Graphics Cards

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In a stunning announcement through popular media, EVGA announced they have severed ties with Nvidia and will not make graphics cards for the chip giant. A couple of days ago, several media were invited to the EVGA facility for a meeting in which they shared the news. If you’ve watched any of these videos, you already know the reason why… a strained relationship with Nvidia. This, from what we understand, is common as they are quite strict with board partners and don’t allow for a lot of flexibility.

Check out a couple of videos from the media who attended the meeting below.


So where do they go from here? Over the years, EVGA has spread its wings from a graphics partner to selling motherboards, power supplies, and other peripherals. While graphics cards are a significant portion of revenue (EVGA revenue says somewhere around 80% from being an Nvidia add-in card partner – according to TechpowerUp), it’s speculated that EVGA will shift its focus towards motherboards and power supplies while insisting they won’t expand other markets.

What happens with support? Nvidia stated that owners of their graphics cards still remain covered by warranties including replacements when needed. They stated there’s enough existing inventory of graphics cards to cover it. Here’s to hoping their algorithms are correct otherwise they could be in a pickle if an excessive amount of cards need to be RMA’d.

It’s a sad day in the graphics card world with the market losing such a major and generally well-liked company with some high-quality video cards. The good news is that they plan to still be around in the future, but how they will do it after losing such a large chunk of revenue, nobody knows. Maybe we’ll see EVGA pair up with AMD or even Intel and sell their graphics cards or expand the motherboard lineup from the two or three boards we’ve seen. When pushed on the subject, they “wouldn’t even entertain the idea” according to Gamer’s Nexus. Time will tell. It’s a sad day in the video card market. RIP EVGA graphics cards.


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