Explore&Burn - Freeware Easy CD/DVD Burning App

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Explore&Burn is a freeware app which integrates into Windows to make burning a CD/DVD drop-dead easy.

This small app is one that makes life just a little bit easier. It fully integrates a simple burning app such that when you right-click on a file, it gets you into the burning app in a few steps – very simple, lightweight and quick.

After installing you see this screen when you right-click on a file:



If you click on “Explore&Burn” Settings you get only this screen:



That’s the full extent of settings! Opening the app leads to this screen:



You can dispense with the flash screen. The next screen allows you to set “Burning Options”:



And that’s it – burning starts and it’s cooked – simple, straightforward and quick.



Explore&Burn just does the trick – worth it for the “routine” burning jobs and the price is right.


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