Externally Mounting Power Supply

Finished Case

I have been looking around for good case mods for my 19″ ATX for a long time now, and when the idea to do this came into my head, I was quite surprised to find out that there was not a single place that I could look that had instructions on how to do this.

So, with my amazing overclocking knowledge, I decided to externally mount my Power Supply, which in my opinion is a great idea for a couple of reasons – especially in my case design.

First, it removes a big heat source from the case. Modern PSUs
are heavy duty in power and are also heavy duty heat producers. With the way I mounted it, the PSU fan still sucks air from inside the case but it also gets fresh cool air from the environment outside of the case. So double goodness.

Open Case

Second, with the way that I whipped my case together, moving the PSU out of the case opened up a straight path from the top of my case to my CPU. This opened up space where I could convienently place a 120mm, 120v fan.

Mounted PSU

Right now I have it blowing straight down on my Duron700 @1000 MHz, which makes a difference of 15C/27F at idle. With the fans off, I get 51C/124F and with the fans on I get 36C/97F idle and 42C/108F under full load.

I’m hoping that this info would be useful to some readers. I know my pics aren’t exactly the best of quality, but I’m sure it would be useful to spend 20 min drilling holes and trying it out; it’s worked wonders for me 🙂

Joseph McDonald

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