Fandapter (60mm to 80mm) for the Alpha PEP66

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Some time ago, I made a fandapter for my PEP66 peltier I bought from PelTEC; this thing seriously improves performance and allowed me to run a quiet 40 cfm, 80mm fan on my PEP. I made it from a hand cut, slice of domestic kitchen funnel.


I cut a 1″ slice of funnel and sanded the edges of the slice flat. Then I cut a couple of squares of plastic from an old (and ugly) plant pot; I cut out the holes for the funnel and superglued them together. I then gas-flowed the fandapter, using the sanding wheel attachment on a Dremmel.


The result was a pretty effective adapter. This nifty “funnel-dynamics” allowed me to use a whole new range of fans on my PEP with some very impressive results. Initially, with a 55W TEC, I was getting Idle temps of around 2-7 degrees C with a 26 cfm 60mm fan. Post-fan conversion, the temps dropped to -4C.


That’s an impressive improvement for so little outlay, not to mention the drop in dB(A) meant for less headaches.

You can see from the pics that it looks pretty nice when painted black, and it certainly works well. Unfortunately, it was way too fragile and I just didn’t trust it on my peltier! OK, scrap fandapter v1.0 and back to the drawing board.

After some thought, I realised that Alpha had already come up with a pretty good idea for a shroud, basically, a bent aluminium box. Well that shouldn’t be too difficult, so lets see what’s possible.


I bought some aluminium sheet and aircraft snips, did a little CAD drawing (HERE) and made some paper models. A little fandaptic aluminium origami and this is the result:


Not bad, though I say so myself. Anyway, I posted some pics on a.c.h.o of the finished and painted fandapter.

A very quiet “minus 7C”, with a 55w TEC – not bad at all!

Next I know, Don from PelTEC emailed me and asked if I had any CAD drawings or dimensions as he would like to make these commercially. Well I was stoked! More than happy to add my little contribution to the OC’ing world …and happy to mail him my designs “Free Of Charge” (he’s taking the business risk after all and there’s no guarantees anyone will want one!).

Don managed to find a company that would “lase” these things from sheet metal at a reasonable price, adapting the CAD drawings I supplied.

The final result, nearly two months later, is a cheap, functional, professionally made fandapter. These may or may not be available – Don only has a prototype from them and needs to see if there is any demand before he ploughs thousands of his “hard earned” into making them. It’s up to you if you want one, email him here and ask him for one.

BTW, I don’t get any finacial kick back for this, there is just not enough cash in it – but if you buy lots from Don, I get some really cheap shopping at PelTEC 😉

Here are pics of the Prototype:



Pretty damned cool or what? The “Jurassic cooler”. Needless to say, this will quietly run one of Don’s 85W TEC’s without any trouble at all – It’s also a world first!

Q: Why the hell don’t Alpha do this? Well I guess they don’t think there is a need for such OTT cooling solutions – We know there is!

Available only from Don. If you want one, email him directly here.

Happy OC’ing,

Martyn (tril0Byte) Cooper

Reprinted from Martyn’s Website with his permission.

Fandapter Template



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