Fatherdom separates the men from the boys.

A boy can father a child, but only a man can be a father to a child. It truly is the ultimate test of adulthood.

Fatherdom boils down to one word: responsibility. You did something, and that “something” had consequences.

If you do the something, are we willing to bear the long-range responsibility for your actions?

If you are, then you are both a man and a father.

If you are not, then there are two possibilities. You can be a man who is not yet ready to be a father. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if that’s the case, then you shouldn’t engage in the one activity that can make you one.

The other possibility is that you want to play but don’t want to pay. You are a boy. Period. End of story.

Birth control changes this not one bit. It merely lowers the possibility you’ll get called to pay the piper.

As you might guess, there are millions and millions of boys masquerading as men out there.

“I want you, babe, but later if the price gets too high,” may be a number of different things, but it sure ain’t love.

“Abortion or single motherhood” is hardly a caring choice to give someone you “love.” I wouldn’t do that to people I hate, much less love.

Nor is just some female who get screwed by this. Single parenthood greatly increases the likelihood the offspring will live in poverty or become involved in crime. How loving.

We pay billions and billions of dollars for those moments of fun, in welfare costs, prison costs. And we’re supposed to applaud that?

Notice there isn’t a single word about morality here. Just a matter of being responsible for one’s actions rather than passing it off on others.

If, someday, you opened the door and somebody thrust a baby into your hands and ran, mumbling a few excuses on exit, would you think highly of him? Would you thank him? Just what would you think of him trying to shed his responsibilities on you?

Why should it be any different if the person in those shoes happens to be you?

So if you wonder whether or not you’re really an adult, really a man, you now have a foolproof test for it.

So here’s to all the men, all the real fathers out there who know what being a man is really all about.

For the rest, being a man means being responsible. Think about it. You might spare a lot of people a lot of grief.


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