Foam and Flame

Just read the article on building a quiet PC. It was interesting and fun.
One worry I have is the flammability of the noise damping foam. I am a
polymer scientist (PhD) and it seems to me that you may be building a death
trap that will burn like crazy and give off poisonous gasses (the foam is
probably polyurethane).

Let me put it this way; I have often considered adding some of that foam to
my computer but I didn’t because I was too scared of the fire risk. I
wouldn’t feel like I could leave the computer on unattended.

There may be fire-retardant foams that will also do the job (they use those
for furniture, you have to by law in the UK). So it could be good to advise
your readers to look for that kind of foam.

Ed. note: A very good reminder!

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