Folding@Home Milestone: T32 moved up to #5 in the World!

Team 32 (T32) of has just recently become the #5 team in the world of Folding@Home for Stanford University. We congratulate the team for their hard work and dedication.  Currently, we are one of the smallest teams yet produce results higher than most any other. This achievement is based upon points awarded by Stanford for installing Stanford’s distributed client, downloading work, and sending back the results. These solutions combine with the results of other folders from around the world providing critical data for researchers to increase their understanding of the world of proteins by analyzing the combined results.

Proteins are an important building block for all life in general. The shape of a protein is essential – as a protein forms, it folds into a given shape. If the protein folds into the wrong shape, we can get mutations that cause cancer, Alzheimer’s, mad cow, Parkinson’s, etc. The problem for researchers is that it is difficult to get the computing power needed to calculate all of the possible ways a protein can fold.

Vijay Pande of the Pande Group at Stanford University created a distributed computing platform to get around this problem. Folders from around the world combine their processing power to do the work of a very large supercomputer. You too could become a part of this supercomputer by downloading the client, picking a username and selecting a team. To join the team use the number “32” for the team number. Once you join the team, we will help you every step of the way. We will help you tweak your gear, get your passkey for bonus points, and even support trash talk for any fellow teammates you may be challenging. Today, folders can also earn folding coin in addition to the points that Stanford meters out. You will not find profit in folding but you will find joy and satisfaction. As budgets decline for scientific research, you can help by using your gear.

You will find no better team to join than T32. has always been an encouraging and informative group and welcomes everyone. Join us! We hope to reach the #3 spot in the world this year and if you want to enjoy the ride, you must participate.

Links to get started:

Jmtyra has a great thread here to get started:…-Start-Here***

The official Folding @ Homepage:

A great place to see results:

EOC F@H Statistics







torin3 has a great thread on coin folding:…C)-for-Team-32

Below is an image of the folding client in action:

F@H Client

Warning: Folding @ Home can become addictive. You may find that you have to choose between eating lunch or buying more gear to increase your production. Folding will not interfere with your gaming sessions… I mean word processing and spreadsheeting. Please don’t drink and fold, or do drink and fold, whichever works better for you. Smack talk is encouraged but always keep it clean as we are all friends. Any friends that you make here is your problem. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Please keep all fingers and toes away from fast spinning fan blades. Slow spinning fan blades are ok. You will never know if a project that you worked on resulted in a cure so always assume that you did. Swing on into the forums for assistance on getting started or ask any questions you may have!


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WooHoo !!! Way To Fold !!!

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