Forum Challenge - Winner Gets a Sandy Bridge Motherboard

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This is a quick and fun challenge that any active forum member can win, sponsored by myself and Gigabyte. I cover shipping, you get a new motherboard courtesy of Gigabyte. I’ve got a few boards wasting space in my garage leftover from our Microcenter event, so its time for some fall cleaning! You’ll get your choice of what I find in the pile.

This contest will run through the weekend, closing Sunday September 11th at 5PM. The winner will be confirmed and announced on Monday. Getting right to it, the rules are simple…


Greater than 30 days membership in Overclockers forums, and at least 4 forum threads started in the past 30 days.

Requirements for Winning

The Oven Trick discussion is now over 2 years old, yet it keeps going strong with more success stories every week! Amazingly, it has grown to exactly 508 replies at this moment, and over 185,000 views! Who would have guessed cooking computer hardware would grow so popular? The winner of this contest will be the first person with the closest guess, or who actually counts through all replies, and gets closest to the total number of components reportedly cooked by forum members in an attempt to bring them back to fully functional form.


To take part, simply reply with your guess in the comments of this article. If you meet the eligibility requirements, and are the first to get closest to the correct number of baked components, you win!

Not currently a forum member? Register an account, and start some discussions about anything tech related that interests you – I’ll have more giveaways coming soon, so get active and get eligible!

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  1. Let's say 2 guesses. I accept paypal for those needing a 3rd vote.
    Black C5 Z06: you only have 1 thread in the past 30 days, you need 3 more thread starts before the contest ends to meet the eligibility requirements. Did you not read the article and just guess based off of brolloks post? :p :rofl:
    Not that it matters for the purposes of the contest, I'll go by number - but for what its worth not only cards were baked remember, I think some console stuff was baked, and possible some other boards. I haven't read every post, but I followed probably at least half of them.
    Secondary Contest Prize:
    Whoever actually goes through and counts to confirm the winner for me on Sunday will be shipped some other non-useless junk I have that is inexpensive to ship. Man this is going to be a bummer if I actually have to count through this thread because all you deadbeats guess all weekend. :D
    Yeah Matt, start counting , how else you really going to know the true number:p

    Someone's gotta count, I wouldn't trust me not to make up an answer. :D
    I'll be at the browns home opener on Sunday - if I count, it probably won't be until Monday morning. :rock:
    I'll take a guess at this... Dunno if I will be eligible though... I don't remember if I have created three threads in the past 30 days or not... I have definitely posted to more than three threads. :D
    As of post #508 from Sept 8th.
    Since we all get two guesses...
    Pro-tip: Wait until someone tries to count, then guess one higher or lower - they might have miscounted one. :snipe:

    I got to page 10 and had to stop... :drool:
    Ill say 103 and 139.
    I believe I need another thread to be eligible.