View Full Version : Just new speaker smell or is this new speaker punishment?

03-09-03, 01:06 PM
I remember when i bought my last stereo that when i jakced up the volume and the bass started thumping (now with my 680's i like to consider that tapping :) ) i got a electrical burning smell...it eventually went away and i had actually forgotten about it...until now

I got my z680's last tuesday and obviously i love them...however i dont know how far i can push the system.

When i play a song or my guitar i get that same distinct electrical burning, at this point i generally tone it down a bit.

A guy posted a thread a few days ago abouty "breaking in your speakers"...is there any merit to this? Am i pushing my speakers to hard or is it (get ready for my stupid theory) just the smell of new wires getting hot.

Part of me thinks just let it go because i read in the manual that if the amp gets too hot it'll automaticlly shut down, but i'd rather not soak $300 in gasoline and set it next to a fire...

03-09-03, 04:23 PM
^^^ there is merit - u can actually buy cd's that break in your speakers - i had one for car stereo's called

"food for woofers" so yeah - u can imagine what it did..lol

all bass songs - then at the end it went through a string of various treble sounds and hi pitches. - it does help.

it could simply be the dust from shipping as most new electronics have - i say play something with bass and good midrange for a while, not to high, but enough to work in the system.

03-09-03, 04:36 PM
There's a sticker all over sound equipment at my uni- they sayt something along the lines of "use this equipment as a moderate level for at least 36 hours to obtain best audio quality". maybe thre is a thing for this Breaking in.

03-09-03, 04:44 PM
its all about the surround. you want it to stretch naturally, and not forcefully(cranking brand new subs). it does help

03-09-03, 04:45 PM
if you don't allow it to have any break in time at all, the material that attaches the cone to the mouth (usually a rubber type material) will possibly be weakened due to it's not very flexible yet. by playing it "softly" for a little while, it allows it to slowly get used to it and then the lining will be soft and flexbile...

03-09-03, 05:06 PM
thnx guys...i'll give it a week or so