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0.13 Vs 0.18

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Addicted Tweaker
Nov 29, 2001
Toronto, Canada
Hey Axia, so for the temp difference, since nowadays most people can lower the 43C(.18m) to around 33C average, with just good aircooling, so if the new .13m stock temp is 35C, then is it possible to lower the stock temp to mid 20s with just good aircooling then?:rolleyes:

BTW, where do you get all these new information on T-bred? i've read alot of your posts, and all of them were about T-bred...do you work for AMD?:D


Jul 14, 2001
Edmonton, Alberta
To estimate how 'low' you could get the temperature on the CPU vs a standard rating, the most important condition is room temperature. Room temperature can stop you from going lower than 30c. Personally, I've never heard of anyone run any processor 1GHz+ under 30c, without a liquid cooling solution.

The real facts about the amount of heat that the T-bred really produces is more hype than real world results. In fact, in a comparison chart...

The T-bird 1400MHz puts out 74.00W of heat.

The Palomino XP2200+ (1.80GHz) puts out 75.50W of heat.

The Thoroughbred XP2200+ (1.80GHz) puts out around 52.00W of heat.

As you can see, cooling the T-bred 1.8GHz CPU will be like cooling a 1GHz Athlon processor . See, its still going to be on the warm side, just not as warm :)

-oh, and I only wished i worked for AMD, although Intel is cool too, I mean the Tut-P3s or course!




Dec 18, 2001
I can't wait to see what some of the overclocks will be with the new chips! Hopefully the prices will drop soon!