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1.1gig Tbird not o/c running at 52-54c!!! HOT

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Feb 21, 2001
I am hoping you guys can help. I got a 1.1gig on an Asus A7V with an Alpha 6035 and Delta 38cfm fan. Under no load the temp I got from the Asus probe is 54c. That seem a bit hot to me and I want to o/c it. So I brought a Global Win WBK38. I lapped the heatsink and I also use Artic Silver II, but it didn't help much. The temp is still at 52c. So I am lost right now. Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong here. Thanks for the help.
I'm not sure that I trust the Asus Probe. Let me rephrase that. I don't trust the Asus Probe. Great motherboards, shitty probes.

Run the CPU for a bit and reboot into the bios. Check the temperature in the Bios (it's a submenu off one of the main menus, near the bottom, something like "Hardware". Or search for Motherboard Monitor and use that like many of us do.

Then if you still have a heat problem, write again. My 900TB@1010 runs to 52C under fairly heavy load with my (not so) superorb. I am looking to lower it, but it runs fine as is. If it only lasts 10 years, I'll get over it.
Adding to a temp report that you can't take as gospel, there's the delightful inherent inaccuracy of the "temp report by touching the bottom of the CPU" feature, too. C'mon AMD, you can build a thermal diode into your processors. Unless Chipzilla patented it!

It may be a good idea to increase you case's throughput. 100 cfm seems a good value with AMD hotties.
Do you have good case ventilation? What kind of thermal compound did you use? Did you apply only a thin layer on the core?