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1.2Ghz @ 1.52Ghz (OcUK are Brill)

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Feb 25, 2001
Hi there

Had a play with a 1.2Ghz CPU which I got from OcUK. Manage to get it running stable at 1500Mhz with just air cooling, however my motherboard is limiting me due to it been the old KT7 series and not the new A series.

The system was stable enough to run Quake 3 looping for 1 hour @ 1500Mhz which I then quit as I am a busy person. Hopefully a new board will let me go further, but I am holding back for the right DDR board.

Breif system spec:
AMD Tbird 1.2Ghz @ 1.52Ghz (12.5x121)
ABIT KT7-RAID Motherboard
2 x 128Mb Crucial PC133 CAS2 Ram
Creative Geforce II Ultra 64Mb
Hauppauge WinTV Theatre card
SB Live 1024


Sandra 2001 Benchmarks @ 1500Mhz



Ram (12x122 = 1466Mhz / Ram @ 164Mhz CAS2):

Quake 3 v1.17
Creative Geforce II Ultra was set at 290 core & 520 memory, this setting is 100% stable without any visual artifacts.

Quake 3 fastest with sound on LOW quality
with 4x AGP enabled
640x480 - 200fps
800x600 - 196fps
1024x768 - 191fps
1280x1024 - 168fps

High Quality with Sound on LOW quality
& AGP 2x for stability
800x600 - 178fps
1024x768 - 144fps
1280x1024 - 93fps
1600x1200 - 65fps

MAX Quality settings & Sound High quality
& AGP 2x
800x600 - 160fps
1024x768 - 132fps
1280x1024 - 86fps
1600x1200 - 60fps

I am very happy with all the above, do look forward to seeing what improvements an DDR motherboard will offer.

SETI@Home Client v3.03 OcUK Benchmark WU
Check out the following table, which is a specific benchmark WU provided by OcUK SETI Team, I am currently the SECOND :D fastest machine on there with the CPU set @ 1475Mhz.



The Slayer of all Machines!
A member of the 3D Mark 10k+ Club!
3D Mark 2000 result:

[img="[URL]http://w1.4395.teliauk.com/~u439500020/SETI[/URL] 2.gif"]
"The MACC Lads"
Team OcUK Webpage
Join the Winning SETI Team
Wow !!!
my system feels old now.... :(

Duron 700@927
Abit KT7-Raid
256 mb pc133
Geforce 2MX
BulletProof (Feb 26, 2001 05:17 p.m.):
Wow !!!
my system feels old now.... :(

Duron 700@927
Abit KT7-Raid
256 mb pc133
Geforce 2MX
Not as old as mine feels :)

Abit VA6
Iwill Slocket][
P3 500E @ 750 @ 1.6V
GeForce2 MX, TwinView, TV out, 5.5ns SDR memory
128MB of el-cheapo Apacer PC133 CAS-3 (had 256MB but I used the other stick to build my mom a new system)

I'm waiting till May/June to upgrade again. I'll keep my video card, as I really like it. I'll go with a new DDR setup, still not sure if I'm going Intel or AMD. Rumer has it that the new .13micron P3's will have a DDRed FSB and a shiny new Intel DDR memory chipset.