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1.3 Duron & ecs k7s5a

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Dec 11, 2001
Orange County, California
anyone have this combo?
just curious on the over-clockability on this setup.

Sold my p4 on sig to sister and thinking of getting the 1.3duron/ecs57s5a combo as a 2nd rig and for folding.

I've had some experience/toying with the 1gig duron and ecsK7S5a combo and i actually miss it since i've sold it to my gf's bro.

Just waiting for the combo deal to show up on Fry's....

I have a 1.2 Duron on K7S5A and used the 010911 upgrade bios from OC Workbench with the Aminf329 Flash Utility. After flashing and setting up the bios (everything goes to default and must be reconfigured), I simply set fsb to 112 and am now running at 1350. No chip mods have been done. Memory is 256MB of Kingmax PC150 sdram. Am running Folding @ Home 24/7 (for one month now). System is in an Antec SX830 Performance Series Workstation Case which has 5 Fans in lower case area (3 in 2 out with 1 of the ins blowing on the HD). Motherboard Monitor shows an ambient temp of 27c full load. Sisoft Sandra Pro also shows 27c full load. Idle temp is 25c, ambient temp is 21c. Wires and cables are configured to facilitate maximum aiflow through case. Hope this helps.:)
I got the combo but the board it came with turned out to be a donkey. I returned it and got a new one. This one works like a charm.
Going to update to the 010911 bios later on tonite.
when my pc booted up on winme, folding@home kicked in. I re-adjusted mobo monitor asap so i can pay attention to the temps.
Highest I've seen it was 40 celcius with ASII and i have not even done the volt mod yet. I think this is pretty high or asII has not settled in. Or maybe the hsf is not seated correctly.
Currently running a vantec hsf with a delta fan. Might have to re-apply asII if this temp stays this high on folding.
Ambient temp is 24 c btw. (side panel open for now)

I'll just keep my eye on it for 2nite before i even bother oc'ing it.

I do have 2back fans pumping air out( not including psu). And one side panel fan going on. I may have to put a front fan later on in the near future.

Currently running a stick of 128 pc2100 kingmax for now.

Hopefully i can get at least 1456mhz (13*112), 124/124 fsb might be pushing it for now especially on folding.

Jetmech, What hsf are you using? since your chip runs cool even @ folding.
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If you can take your heatsink off without risking the life of your chip you might want to check whether the motherboard thermal resistor contacts the bottom of the chip. Mine didn't and I ended up using a small dab of Radio Shack grease to bridge the gap. It should give more accurate temps with less lag time between chip temp changes since there will no longer be air to be heated up between.
updated to oc'ing bios.. running at 1.46ghz (112/112) but no luck booting at 124/124 even @1.85vcore.
havent check the stability of it yet but currently folding.
Bios registers @ amdduron @ xp1700+

used asIII and full load temp lingers at 40c.