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1.33Ghz running HOT!!!

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New Member
Mar 29, 2001
I just got my 1.33 Ghz. It is running at 55-57C idle and hit 64C today during some load (I shut down then;) ). This is with the case open too.

I attached the heatsink three times just to make sure its

If I read correctly on AMD's "thermal solution page" socket A >1100Mhz can hit temp of 95C.... Is this correct?

If so I should not be too worried about the temp?

What temps are other 1.33 GHz hittign out there? Please tell me..

I have a MSI K7T Turbo mobo and use a globalwin FOP32-1 HSF with arctic silver (small core).

Would taisol 742092 do a better job? or a coolermaster ep5-6i11 (6i51?)
foxconn PK0451? (where can one buy those anyway? )

I do not want a really loud fan.

Any input/suggestions would be appreciated.
My first thought is possibly the clip on your FOP may be weak. Hard to believe with a FOP32! Your temps are way to high. Before I turned it into a key chain today (pelt problems), my 1.2 gig Bird @ 1425 mHz idled at 35 C and peaked at 42 C with a FOP 32 while on the bench.
Too Hot!

Colin sorry to hear about you losing your chip. I think 65C is too hot. r u reading it that hot from the bios? get one of those loud *** delta fans/hs!!! Most people are in the low 50's under load or so I have read. you are correct about the 95C but that is hot enough to bake brownies :¬).
I just read that the 1.3 is suppose to run cooler than the 1.2 because it runs at 1.75v. Your room temp makes a difference. Overpressure your case for airflow. Use a quality cooler & try to get it down to at least 45*C.

sorry to hear about the tbird. :-( Something is wrong with the attachment or the temp probe for it be that high with that good of a heatsink.
Beleive it or not but it might not be your setup. I got a 1.2 tbird that would idle @ 40°C and hit 58-60°C under load. That was the best I could do after applying the HSF 3 times and using arctic silver. My HSF is a PAL6035 w/ Delta AND I was only using 1.7Vcore. The chip finally croaked after about 10days and the company RMA'd it. The new cpu (on the first install with exact same equipment) ran at 28°C idle and maxed at 38°C running stock voltage and clock. Now running 140X10 at 29-30°C idle (about 6°C above idle case temp.) and 42-43°C under full load with a case temp of 27°C. Its my firm beleif that the CPU just ran hotter, maybe some imperfections in the die or something, do know.