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1.33Ghz Tbird... too hot to handle?

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Apr 9, 2001
I just put this system together a couple of weeks ago and only now am I realizing that I need better cooling.... seeing that I just put this together and I don't exactly want to run out and buy a new fan but it might come to that.... I've heard alot about Artic Silver.... just wondering... how good is that stuff.... how much of a temperature difference would this make? When I oc just a bit (133x10.5=1400) I boot up to windows at around 45C ... this cools off to a comfy ~35C but occasionally (presently it has become almost all the time) Windows locks up during this period of cooling down to sub-40C..... do I need a better fan? actic silver? a Koolance case :D or both the new case and artic silver..... :)
I picked up retail 1333 Bird at the show this weekend. The stock Talisol HS does a decent job and your temps are not out of line. Have you tried increasing the voltage?

Lapping your HS and using Artic Silver well help, as will improving your case ventilation. Since your temps are not that high, try lapping and Artic Silver first.
The change in temps using artic silver seem to be around 5C over stock and around 3C as compared to the radio shack stuff. They say up to a 7C degree difference in temp but i could only see that as compared to like a pad.
I'd tend to agree, the temps are fine for that chip. if you overclocked the fsb, it could be a pci item getting to warm, video cards love to freeze up the system when they get too hot, overall case cooling might help you here. PS- set your cas latency to 3 and up your volts by one level for a lot more stability- if you can adjust the drive strength, set those to the max