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1.33Tbird too hot????

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New Member
May 2, 2001
Alright, I got a 1.33Tbird. I'm using a Aquastealth water cooling kit (the one with the AquaCube). I've been reading so much lately on cpu temp that I really don't know what to believe! My cpu temps are around 50C under load, and I can't get it down. I'm not using an external reservoir but I have a little bottle hooked up to my fill tube (I just thought that the hot water would rise.... but it doesn't seem to be worth that much... I only gained like 2C). I was wondering if the temp was too high,.... well I'd like to get it down. I was thinking about: 1) adding a reservoir to hold some more water, 2) using my 80W pelt, either on the cpu, or to cool the water (like a chiller, even though I'm not too sure how to make one cheap!!!).
I tried to boost my cpu but I can only f*ck with the FSB, for some reason my board doesn't let me change the multiplier (Asus A7A266) and I'm pretty sure that the chip is unlocked (at like 90% especially after reading that you couldn't change the multiplier with this board... I'm not sure why, since it is in BIOS). The best I got was 142/34 FSB @1.800V.

Please help, I need it bad!!! :(
well i think that temp is OK. but it could be better. and im not shure about that bord i havnt herd much about the 266 fsb mobo's
"My cpu temps are around 50C under load"

Man, that does not sound right for water cooling. You can do better with air cooling. What is the temp inside your case? Inside your computer room?

The room is around 20C, and the case temp is usually around 30C. I got 2, 80mm side fans, 1 80mm rear fan + the 80MM PSW fan, I also got a chipset fan, and a exhaust fan, a harddrive fan mounted in the 5 1/4 bay, and a 60mm from fan. The radiator is mounted on the side with a 120mm fan blowing out of the case. I think that should do!!! I just can't get it!!!!
Almost forgot. How many fans blowing in versus sucking out of the case? Which sizes in each instance. You should shoot for equal cfm blowing in versus sucking out, or even better yet, slightly more blowing in than sucking out, but not a lot more.

I got the pump out to the T fitting, one going to the water block, one going to the fill tube. The from the higher point in the block to the radiator, and finally from the radiator to the pump in. the only think is a little bend in the tube coming from the radiator to the pump but i don't think it disturbs the flow by a lot.
As far as the fans, I got 2 80MM sides fans blowing in, a 60mm front fans, blowing in and a 50mm rear from blowing in. For the exhaust I got the 120mm on the side (right behing the radiator, and 2 80mm on the rear of the case. I also have a HD cooler that is blowing in and a exhaust fan placed on a PCI slot, right below the video card.
Thanks for the help,
Oh, yeah I forgot to mention that I was using regular water and that the cpu thermistor is surrounded by foam. I just cut a little openening for the head of the sensor directly under the cpu.
Sounds to me like your water block is not mounted perfectly flush. I had the same problem, had to remove the mobo and mount the block that way so I could see the fit form the side...dropped my temps 8c that way, just by getting the block perfectly flat on the cpu die.
Hey therapture, I just checked out your system. Pretty sweet. Well I pretty much got the same except that I don't really have a reservoir (besides the little one included in the kit). The rad is the same, and the block too! I'm pretty sure that it's touching the cpu fine, but it's worth checking. What do you get for your CPU temp??? I saw that you were running a Tbird at 1501 with a multiplier at 10.5; how do you get that? What about your FSB???
Thanks for the help....
Alright, I just tried this. I got a duct and hooked it up to my AC, and then directed it to one of the side fan. The temp dropped like crazy. The case temp which was 30C dropped to 22C, and the cpu temp which was 50C dropped to 34C under normal use. I ran my system today without AC, room temp was around 25C, and while ripping a DVD the cpu went up to 54C (after like 1.5hour). So I dunno, is my case too hot, even though I got tons of fans, well at least i don't think i can get it colder without ac, or is my water system F***ed up.... I know it's tough to see without seeing, but if anyone has any suggestion, please let me know before I take the system appart (I don't wanna do that 10 times!!!)
Thanks for the posts,