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1.3gig Thunderbird at 54c?

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Mar 5, 2002
Hey, I'm new to the forums here, I'd like to say this is an awesome site and I've found alot of usefull information here.. I'll be coming back more often :)

But back to the point.. My system specs are:
Athlon 1.3gig T-bird
256megs " VALUE RAM " heh
Geforce2 GTS AGP video 32megs
52x cd-rom
24x4 speed cd-burner
soundblaster value live! soundcard
300w PWS
KT7266-PRO (RAID) MOBO 'no raid'
SMC1211tx ethernet card
21'' Radius Precision Color display/20 monitor

Ok.. My computer seems to be working fine abour 70% of the time, I have not worried about overclocking it yes dew to the fact that it normally runs at 54c!!

When I open a system monitor program to watch the voltage in my system the 5v standby is only at 4.84v and the -12v is at -13.20v... This seems very irregular to me seeing how I came from using a 266 Celeron @400mhz. I am just curious if any of you guys would happen to know if anything I have said seems out of the ordinary? If so what might be the cause?

I try enabling 4x and fast writes on my Geforce2 GTS but my system locks up about 30 seconds into windows, I am running system standard settings right now but what fun is that!? :p

I have 1 fan in the front of my case, one exaust fan, 1 evercool fan in my PWS, and a 80mm Vantec fan on my heatsink, I have allso too mesaures to install Arctic Silver to help cool down my system but to no avail it is to seem. I hope someone on this forum can help me or atleast point me in the right, 'free' way to problem solving this! Thanks! :)
Do some more reading, and you'll see that the thermistor readings aren't completely reliable. But, I would be concerned about 54c at default voltage and clock speed, you definitely need to get that lower before you worry about anything else. It is also an example of the variances that those readings have. With my system, if I get above 52c, I'll get thrown back to Windows if I'm playing a game. When that happened, I decided from then on that I would try to keep my temp from going over about 44c, and I reduced my overclock. I have some better cooling gear on the way. Have you tried running it with the side of your case off? This is a ghetto fix, but it can be helpful. If it really drops your temps, then you know you need to work on better airflow in your case. Welcome to the forums, by the way.
make sure your heatsink is seated correctly. Whenever I had temp problems that was usualy the cause. Also, do what repo man said and run it without the side on. You can play with your fans too. Sometimes just moving your fans around will have a drastic effect. And what kind of heatsink are you using? This would be most helpful in being able to tell what the problem is. Its hard to cool those T-birds right.
good luck
How do I check to make sure my heatsink is seated properly? I've eye'd it and it looks straight but i've heard even the minorest of unbalanced heatsinks can be a heat problem. Thanks!
the heat sink is a cybercooler with a vantec 80mm fan fitted on it, it fits perfectally, I just had a reply going but my whole system locked up again :mad: :mad: :mad:

anyways, the case has been off the side of my comp for about 25 minutes now and the temp it at 51c... does anyone know about the 'voltage' issue i stated in my first post? about the 5v standby and the -12v being at -13v??? thanks alot!
Here is how I would check the HSF for proper seating. Take it off, clean off al thermal compound, reapply it, reinstall the hs, then carefully take it back off and look at the impression in the grease. It should be nice and even.
As far as the voltage goes, not sure about the -12, mine normally reads -12.44, and fluctuates between 4.79 and 4.82. I don't think you have, anything to worry about there, but I could be wrong. Now that your cover is off, if your rear fan is an exhaust, flip it over so that itr blows into the case. This gave me a couple of degrees. Of course you can't put your case cover back on with 2 fans blowing in, but you can fix that later with another exhaust fan or 2 mounted in the side cover, or wherever you feel like cutting holes! Oh yeah, have you lapped your HS yet?
My guess is that if your heatsink is seated correctly your case must have pretty poor airflow. Now that the case is off aim a large box fan or something that is meant to cool a whole room at your computer and see what temps you get. If they drop, you need some or all of the following:

more intake/exhaust fans

larger intake/exhaust fans

clean up your wires and cables to make sure they dont restrict airflow
Lapping is the process of making your heatsink flatter and smoother, to conduct heat better. The usual method is to wet sand the heatsink, starting with 600 grit wet or dry generally, and using a figure eight motion on piece of glass. The grit you finish it to depends on who you ask, but 800 will do, and will result in a smoother heatsink that should conduct heat better than the rough machinig that most of them come with.
if your heatsink has really bad finish i suggest you start with 300grit and work your way up to 6-800 so youll save yourself the work of finely lappinga course base


more bad news.. the processor i thought i had has been a 1.3gig thunderbird 133 FSB in disguise this whole time!

I thought it was a 1.3gig T-bird at 266FSB!! Nowonder why it crashed when i ran it at the 'normal' 266 FSB with AGP at 4x!!

I took my computer to the guys who sold me the MOBO and CPU

they looked at it and said I had the 133 version not the 266

this would explain why my system locks up so much, anyways

I lapped my heatsink :) "The blood, blood on my hands, flash backs of nam! The blood on my hands!" huh? I guess i shoulda used gloves :rolleyes: but this was after I took my PC to the store i bought the parts from.. so now i'm selling my CPU and heatsink on Ebay and I am using that money to buy the 266 FSB 1.3gig Thunderbird or maby an AthlonXP, which ever I have money for... currently running at 50c cpu temp 41c sys temp

but yes, sadly to say I am selling my CPU to the highest bidder.. I added a brand spanking new 250w PWS tho so I can up the price :beer:

I should be back in about 10 days maby less i'll stop in here and there on my girl's comp and checkup on things.. but for now i got one eye on my auction and another on a table in a glass of water;)
I don't understand what you mean by 133 and 266 processors. The Tbird is supposed to run at 133 mhz FSB only the memory runs at 266 mhz. if its 133 mhz then your good. The t birds come in 100 and 133 mhz FSB. So the chip you have is rated that high.
First off let me say,
Welcome to our Forums, ProLyric
I hope you make yourself at home here.

Now on to a quick FSB lesson. If you tell me where you bought the components I'll go slap the store clerk for not explaining this stuff very well. I'm not exactly sure why, but Athlons are labled twice what the FSB stock setting is. So a 266 Mhz Athlon runs at 133 Mhz Front side Bus, and a 200 Mhz Athlon runs at 100 Mhz Front side bus. Those are the only two speeds they make it. For all practical reasons, we just use the normal front side bus speeds to identify them.
What you probably got was the one that is designed to run at 100 Mhz FSB, rather than the one that runs at 133 FSB. Like I said, the computer guys should have explained this.
Good luck selling your porcessor, hopefully you'll make enough for a good old Athlon XP.
Could you please explain the main differences form an Athlon and a AthlonXP? I've read AMD's website but they just focus on the 'glamore' of things :)
I'm not the expert on an XPs, the guys in the Athlon CPU's section could probably go in to more detail, but I'll tell you what I know.
The XPs use a whole new processor core that is much more efficient. They still run in the same socket as the other Athlons. I'm not sure what aspects it runs better, but it certainly shows up in all the benchmarks I've seen.
The XPs run a lot cooler than the T-Birds. This makes it nice because you can get it a lot colder for OCing.
The rating on the XPs is not the clock speed, it is just an estimation based on how it compares to pentiums.(in actuallity, the XP rating is very generous to pentium as far as most benchmarks go). Here is a list of XP clock speeds:
Xp1500 - 1.33GHz
Xp1600 - 1.40GHz
Xp1700 - 1.46GHz
Xp1800 - 1.53GHz
Xp1900 - 1.60GHz
Xp2000 - 1.66GHz

That's about the extent of my XP knowledge.