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1.6A@2Ghz+TH7-II+Winxp=first time boot with blue screen

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Mar 26, 2002
Hong Kong
Anyone know how this problem can be solve?
its really bugging me, i have to press reset after its counting the ram.
Anyone out there got the same problem?
iam already using Mr.N's bios 39B or C
it only have problem when i overclock it to at 116FSB or above
so its perfectly fine if i dont overclock that much
after reset for once, its as stable as rock

Thanks for letting me know whats wrong with my computer
yeah i had this exact problem too, i don't know what i've changed but it has now turned into the cold boot problem instead.
The Abit Bios has serious issues, maybe yours will turn into the cold boot problem too :D within a couple of weeks , i'm not sure what i prefer.
i didnt used to have cold boot problem
but now iam having cold boot as well
what did you do to have that blue screen go away
its really annoying me now
I can't remember exactly i think that since i installed Linux Mandrake it stopped doing it.
Then i formatted my whole computer (linux sucks) and reinstalled Windows XP as NTFS instead of FAT32 and it stayed this way.

so maybe convert your Fat32 to NTFS (using partition magic) or reinstall Windows XP on a NTFS partition. If you are using NTFS right now then i have no idea.
i have tried everything already
i was using NTFS and now changed back to FAT32
i installed win2k on another harddisk, and it runs fine
i have reinstalled winxp for many many times and still doesnt help
install Linux and then format it :D, only joking
I have no idea then, maybe something else that i've changed but don't know what I had it at FSB 108 when it did that and then i fixed it somehow even if I use FSB 133 now it doesn't show me a blue screen.
do you have press restart twice now? once for cold boot and then again for the blue screen?
i am very disapointed with this board
its worse than my p3
its only about 50% faster and i wasted a lot of money on this system, and its annoying me all the time
i could overclock it to 2.5ghz or a bit more
and iam only running 2ghz becoz the temp of the cpu is so hot
the full load of [email protected] is 53C
can anyone believe that?
i have already changed to a new heatsink that is Arkua and 8cm delta with .51A that is 4000RPM, i dont know how many CFM that is
my p3 700@945mhz is only 39C at the most
is god punishing me?
the p4 is a different chip to the p3

therefore its temperature ranges are different

up to 65 is just fine