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1.7 P4 + the CORE = 2.07ghz ROCK STABLE

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Dec 19, 2000
Home of America's Team. Dallas Texas
WOHOO! Did it last night.
Some new 3dMark2001 Scores.

Old [email protected]:
3435 at 1.77ghz 460mhz Ram Best Score

New 1.7:
5678 at 1.7
6002 at 2.07ghz 460mhz Ram Best Score

What a difference a geforce 3 makes from a geofrce 2!

And for the guys who had theory about the amount of ram not mattering on the video card (that would be dbhuge) LOL Its shot

I do attribute the new 3dmark scores primarly to the asus 8200.


Omfg this is the BEST heatsink I have ever tried. Now even my full load temp is only .7-1.0C over room temp (thanks to my digital doc I know precisly)

An absolute ***** to install though. If you get one be fully prepared to take out your mobo.

Now since I sold my old mobo off with the 1.5 chip I didnt care because I had a new one but if you are upgrading, be prepared for about 30 minutes of a mind altering swear fest.

Keep the kiddies outof the room for this install.

For P4 installs, you are going to have to bend out one of the clips because the width of the P4 socket is too great to allign the screws on the springs.

This is something the reviews have NOT told us about. If you want to install this puppy with the springs successfully, TAKE OFF THE CLIPS. Mount them first THEN put the CORE down on the chip. And remember its heavier than lead so be careful.

the 3dMark Scores were interesting. Apartently, the Ram I have tried on 2 different P4T motherboards, said "screw you" after being pushed over 460mhz. That must be the breaking point.

I can overclock the sucker to 2.0 at 460mhz or clock the ram down to 3X and get it to 2.07 rock stable.

The next step on the FSB was 125 but I couldn't get it stable for 2.15 *sniff*.

LOL OH well I'm happy as a puppy with 2.. well you know

Any ?s please feel free.

Funnist phrase I ever heard between AMD and Intel: "Well, that's why i got an Althon not a p4. Because if the althon dies it's funny if a P4 dies, it cost $$$."


OVER 1000 CFMS!!

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