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1.8A Oc'd to 2.5 slower in games than XP +1800?

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Oct 23, 2002
South of Hell
Something's up.........i've got a 1.8 oc'd up to 2.5 with PC2700 mem on a Epox 4G4A Mobo mem settings maxed and a Herc Radeon 8500le.

I'ts slower in games than my XP +1800 and i get almost the same 3D Mark scores for both CPU's +- 7200-7400 in default benches.

My P4 is a downright dog in gaming..........it can't be.Any help or advice ??


you are running way too hot.

yes it could be throtling yet your temps will do the most damage to your cpu then anything else.

what HSF are you using??? and what about case cooling?

Thermal throttle usually begins in the mid-60's. If your sensor is a little off, you could be that hot. Sounds like the first thing is to improve cooling. Then you need higher FSB speed and to crank up all the memory settings. That PC2700 might not be good enough.
I'm using the stock hsf that came with the cpu in a Thermaltake Xasr 2 case..........i've gone down to 1.8 again until i get a decent hsf.

I'm thinking my PC2700 is a bit buggy,it's got Samsung chips but a 3rd party manufacturer...........my sandra mem scores are down from the reference scores by about 200-300 points.
Just been thinking that if my PC2700 was a but buggy then i would'nt be able to run with the max settings i'm currently on....:confused:

Epox 4G4A

Dram Timing - Turbo
Cas Latency - 2
Active to Precharge delay - 5

Etc....etc...(everything else at the fastest setting)

Besides being "optimised defaults" and everything else topped up.
I'm not familiar with that mobo, do you have adjustable memory ratios (dividers)? Some mobos allow you to run the RAM faster or slower than then the FSB. If so, try using a 3:4 ratio (faster than FSB) for more memory bandwidth.
definately something amiss

My P4 rig at 2400MHz beats up on 1800+'s in games rather badly. The 3DMark scores are not that different, but the application performance is. Definaltey pick up a Thermalright AX-478 or Switftech heatsink and get the temperatures below 45C max. Your video card is very limiting for a P4 though, and as long as you use it you will not have appreciably greater performance than an AXP with the same card, as either cpu is driving the card to its limit.
My Samsung has no branding at all on the pcb,it's generic 3rd party crap (i've come to the conclusion it's crappy mem)........sometimes my performance dips drastically for no reason or after some tasking/games