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1.8A or 2.0A, that is the question

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Nov 16, 2001
When I replace my dead 1.6A what would be the best to get? I will be buying from Newegg so has anyone gotten either chip lately and is it possible that either would be a C1? I will need to get a chip that will reach 150fsb so as to utilize the 3:4 divider and PC3200 ram.
I second that! ^^^^^

1.8A with a C1 stepping if your willing to wait, iz the way to go.

God Speed in your OCing.

It is my experience (and I have both) that the 1.8 O/Cs better, and gives a higher O/Ced CPU speed.

Well, I don't know what you want to spend, but I'm testing a theory of mine.

I'm sure that youv'e seen the "OMG What a Chip" thread.

Well, I have a sneeking suspicion that the chip he got is a remarked 3.06G or (better that didn't bin out well) with the multiplier locked lower.
Intel has often done this for major customers when they run low of unallocated CPU's of a low speed. After all, it's going in a Dell box without OC stuff in the BIOS, and a quick, cheep solution for Intel.
And if so, I'll bet Intel did a BIG batch, not just a couple.

If it is I'm betting that Hyperthreading is enabled, too! :burn:
Even if you pay full pop for the box, it's still cheeper ($570)than even the new 3.06G HT chip at $600. :eek:

And don't forget the famous Dell 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Hey, it's Mike's sales gimic, not mine!

(And besides, I am going to need a new system for Dad this Xmas).

So, will it be HT enabled?
Will it be a C1 steeping?

Stay tuned.
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